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meet popsiebelle

sheep shoes!

This is Popsiebelle, she kind and smart and has wonderful adventures with all
her friends. She has two special friends, they are her Sheep Shoes. On the
LEFT - is She & on the RIGHT - Peep. They talk ALL the time, they continuously
ask each other questions - for example:
Popsiebelle is sitting in her rocket ship tree house and having to listen to their
usual argument that rainbow is not a color and that Peep eats too much candy.
She: "Of course rainbow is a color, I love all the colours and I can't seem to
choose one, so I choose rainbow as a color, all the colours of the rainbow all in
Peep: "Rainbow is not color you have to choose one, I love pink!"
She: "I did choose one - Rainbow!"
And so the discussions and question asking continues until candy is presented
and then their mouths are to full to talk!

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