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 Pricing: Basic Totes, printed back and front full color

  • Cost Price: $32.50

  • Size: 40 cm height x 33 cm wide x 7.60 cm depth

  • 100% polyester textured canvas withstands everyday use while looking great.

  • Polyester webbed 1” straps

Pricing Pillows 100% Polyester Canvas: 

  • Cost Price: $42.00

  • Size: 45 cm x 45 cm

  • 50 000 double rub count 100% polyester canvas is durable with a sleek, modern texture

  • Finished with invisible zipper closure

Pricing Pillows 100% Cotton Canvas Pillow cases: 

  • Cost Price: $42.00

  • Size: 45 cm x 45 cm

  • Comprised of 100% cotton

  • Full color front and back

  • Finished with invisible zipper closure

Pricing Pillows Velveteen Pillowcases : 

  • Cost Price: $43.00

  • Size: 60 cm width  x 30 cm height

  • 80 000 double rub count 100% velveteen fabric is super durable while retaining is plush feeling

  • Finished with invisible zipper closure


How to care for your products:

Basic Tote:

Machine was or hand wash in cold water

Dry on Medium / shake out and flat try

Do Not bleach


I'm printed with reactive inks! Reactive inks are permanent but can be sensitive to washing the first few times.


For the first wash, wash me with 1 cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt in a washing machine full of water. Do  not use the reduced water cycle. Transfer me immediately to the dryer.


If you leave me too long in the washer wet , you may see bluish stains on light areas. Wash me again using the above steps and these should go away.


For subsequent washing, use a phosphate free detergent and full water cycle. Wash separately from other laundry items for the first 2-4 washes.


Expect some minor shrinking on the cotton sateen.

our Story

Popsiebelle began as conversations with my daughter Sophie who was 3years old at the time. My illustrations turned into a game, I would draw and she would name the character's I drew and then we would come up with a story for the character.

I loved this time. It was such a wonderful and whimsical way to have these very silly conversations and stories . As she grew so did Popsiebelle.  I captured some of the stories we told each other, some of the stories I wrote just for Sophie. The sleep rhyme was written for , I used to watch her fall asleep and it inspired the sleepy sleeps rhyme.

As Sophie and the brand Popsiebelle grew so did the output of what Popsiebelle became. She started venturing into products, my first product was a felt story pillow where I stitched a felt character onto a felt cushion I made, as time went on I was able to print fabrics. The fabrics that we started printing on were not washable so the color ended up fading and so as the technology for printing on fabric got better so did the products. I began to make bags, plush toys, playmats and place mats. We then ventured to print on notepad, stickers and posters.


What I wanted to do with these products was to capture what we had. I wanted parents to use our characters we had created and tell their own stories and have their own conversation.


Storytelling is such an important part of a child’s imagination. My most favorite product is the story pillow, it is a pillow that is crammed with some of our characters. It is like an organic story book where the same story could be repeated or a new one created.

The style of characters that I created are very whimsical and have a slight reference to real life animals, places or people. Just by looking at a character you have so many questions about the character and I think that is the key to creating an original story that are your own.


So, we hope that you get to have the same experience and we did – Sophie is 19 now and we still have wonderful conversations.

Choose your characters, make up a story and just have fun – there are no rules to what you come up with.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

778 9997508

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